We Will Not Back Down

Trump has made it clear that he stands with the fossil fuel industry. And we’ve made it clear that we stand with sustainability. Many challenges already face Trump and his administration, especially in the month of April that is dedicated to the Earth’s stability.

Do your part for the Earth and future generations to inhabit it and fight for sustainability.


The End of the Partisan Climate Struggle?

Just after recent developments of Trump’s administration and their concerns with the environment (or lack thereof), a group of 17 congressional Republicans came together to support a resolution to combat climate change. These congressmen say that they think this issue involving the environment has been politicized for far too long and are finally taking a stand against the partisanship that has been preventing the progress to solve this likely fatal issue. In a CBS This Morning interview, Florida Representative Carlos Curbelo stated this concern and seeks to end the political nature of this debate.

Since this resolution is nonbinding, anything is possible. However, the future is looking better than before. We just have to keep an eye on these representatives and ensure that they will follow through in further legislative actions.

The Renewable Energy Efforts of Europe

Although there are many negative things going on in the United States regarding the environment, it is important to notice and acknowledge the positives.

In several European countries, there is a “revolution” to create and discover new forms of renewable energy. Take note that many European efforts are sent overseas and ideas are shared just a few years later. The United States will hopefully follow suit and not leave humanity behind.


Read more about the “revolution” here.

College Researchers Develop Device That Cleans Contaminated Water

To help combat water shortages, college researchers at the State University of New York at Buffalo have possibly discovered a breakthrough technology that could greatly improve the lives of many.

Click here to learn more.

Take Action: Marches on D.C.

Mark your calendars for April 29! Join the fight to make a change.

via After the Womens March: six mass US demonstrations to join this spring | World news | The Guardian