Trump Initiates a Battle

Today, Trump confirmed that he will pull out of the Paris Climate Accord. This is the peak of the war between the environment and the economy.

This doesn’t have to be a battle. We are more than capable of coexisting with our environment while sparking economic growth. In fact, going green actually benefits the economy. But why are we pulling out of the agreement? It all comes down to one word: greed.

Donald Trump is in an alliance with the fossil fuel industry to promote their economic agenda. Despite being elected by his “silent majority,” he doesn’t care about their prosperity. All he cares about are his buddies in the top one percent.

It’s too late to back down. Even though it feels like the final battle was lost, there are lots more coming along the way.

Get involved, start a movement, organize marches. When we speak up in massive numbers, they can’t ignore us.


We Will Not Back Down

Trump has made it clear that he stands with the fossil fuel industry. And we’ve made it clear that we stand with sustainability. Many challenges already face Trump and his administration, especially in the month of April that is dedicated to the Earth’s stability.

Do your part for the Earth and future generations to inhabit it and fight for sustainability.

The Beginning of the War on Climate

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This order plans on dismantling the EPA regulations on climate, or as he refers to it “the war on coal.” Trump blames climate regulations on the federal government having too much power over industry, although these regulations have been put in place for the sake of humanity.

April 22 and April 29 have separate protest marches planned to resist against Trump’s latest policies. Be a part of them.

Trump Administration Seeks to Pull out of Climate Change Initiatives

“We’re not spending money on that anymore. We consider that to be a waste of your money to go out and do that.”

— Mick Mulvaney, director of the Office of Management and Budget

As if the Trump administration couldn’t do anything worse for the environment. Once again, they managed to shock some and disgust others.

The Trump administration seeks to pull out of international agreements to combat climate change. One of which, the Green Climate Fund (GCF), credits the United States as the top financial contributor. This organization isn’t just about climate change initiative. It also seeks to help other developing nations address issues brought about by their inequalities, such as hazardous pollution levels.

Fight back against the administration at the end of April. Make your voice heard. Two marches are scheduled on back-to-back Saturdays: April 22 (March for Science) and April 29 (People’s Climate Movement). We need all the support we can get to tell the administration that we will not back down.


Read more about the latest statements made by the Trump administrations regarding climate change initiatives here.

Take Action: Marches on D.C.

Mark your calendars for April 29! Join the fight to make a change.

via After the Womens March: six mass US demonstrations to join this spring | World news | The Guardian