Trump Administration Seeks to Pull out of Climate Change Initiatives

“We’re not spending money on that anymore. We consider that to be a waste of your money to go out and do that.”

— Mick Mulvaney, director of the Office of Management and Budget

As if the Trump administration couldn’t do anything worse for the environment. Once again, they managed to shock some and disgust others.

The Trump administration seeks to pull out of international agreements to combat climate change. One of which, the Green Climate Fund (GCF), credits the United States as the top financial contributor. This organization isn’t just about climate change initiative. It also seeks to help other developing nations address issues brought about by their inequalities, such as hazardous pollution levels.

Fight back against the administration at the end of April. Make your voice heard. Two marches are scheduled on back-to-back Saturdays: April 22 (March for Science) and April 29 (People’s Climate Movement). We need all the support we can get to tell the administration that we will not back down.


Read more about the latest statements made by the Trump administrations regarding climate change initiatives here.


Study: Premature Births Linked to Air Pollution

There is an infinite world of scientific knowledge out there that we do not know. We just discovered there could potentially be a direct relationship between air pollution and premature births, along with other maternal issues.

Pollution is about more than just climate change; our lives are at stake here. Take action. Get involved. Be the change we need in this world.

Read more here.

A Snapshot of the Global Pollution Crisis

You owe it to humanity to take a look at thisthis.

This is not okay. This would sicken most people if they were to see it, but instead, they are shielded from the brutal reality across the globe.

Carbon Budget Clock


Our carbon emissions are increasing at quite the rate. Now there is a digital “clock” that will illustrate our carbon emissions. This really puts things into perspective. Now it is easier than ever to see how rapidly we are polluting carbon into the atmosphere.

We must put an end to this and stop it. All it takes is a few people to spread the message and advocate for the Earth.

Excessive air pollution may be cause for a fifth of dementia cases – study

This is more serious than we know it to be.
Airborne particulate matter emitted by automobiles and power plants in urban areas may account for 21 percent of dementia cases and may nearly double the likelihood that women older than 64 years will develop cognitive impairment, a new study says.

Check it out here.