Trump Initiates a Battle

Today, Trump confirmed that he will pull out of the Paris Climate Accord. This is the peak of the war between the environment and the economy.

This doesn’t have to be a battle. We are more than capable of coexisting with our environment while sparking economic growth. In fact, going green actually benefits the economy. But why are we pulling out of the agreement? It all comes down to one word: greed.

Donald Trump is in an alliance with the fossil fuel industry to promote their economic agenda. Despite being elected by his “silent majority,” he doesn’t care about their prosperity. All he cares about are his buddies in the top one percent.

It’s too late to back down. Even though it feels like the final battle was lost, there are lots more coming along the way.

Get involved, start a movement, organize marches. When we speak up in massive numbers, they can’t ignore us.


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