Global Warming and the Nor’easter

On March 14 at midnight, the entire state of New York went under a state of emergency in anticipation for the coming Nor’easter. Millions across the coast received upwards of 1-2 feet of snow. Now that it’s over and everybody is beginning to recover, we should ask ourselves whether or not global warming had any connection to this massive storm.

Sure, we’ve had Nor’easters in the past, varying from mild to severe. However, this latest storm system is among the most powerful recorded in over 100 years of recorded history.

Global warming obviously increases the heat of the oceans worldwide. As our oceans heat up, we can expect to see more intense storms, as the warmer oceans provide for more strength in storm systems. However, we cannot tie this specific event’s intensity to global warming. Instead, we must look at the larger picture and see the increasing intensities of storms worldwide. It is undeniable that we are seeing more catastrophic weather patterns, and the only answer we can come up with for this is that global warming (or climate change) does play some role. The significance of this role may be debatable, but one cannot deny the facts.


Read more about the latest storm and its connections to global warming here.


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