Rusty Patched Bumblebee Faces Extinction (Thanks to Trump)

“Pollinators are small but mighty parts of the natural mechanism that sustains us and our world. Without them, our forests, parks, meadows and shrublands, and the abundant, vibrant life they support, cannot survive, and our crops require laborious, costly pollination by hand.”

Did you think Trump’s industrial regulation freeze would only affect those industries and laborers? Think again.

This isn’t the only species in danger; many others will face a similar path if regulations are so loose that they can pollute or use pesticides as much as they please. And, because the global environment and ecosystems are designed to exist in perfect harmony, the extinction of one species will ultimately lead to the demise of countless more. You can surely count on the elimination of some of your favorite foods and animals.

Everything is interconnected. This is not just a matter of politics. Lives are at stake here.

Learn more here.


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